From industrial conversions to multi-story ground-up construction, our team will go to work to design, build, and implement assets that fulfill the needs of the client and the community.   Whenever possible, we reuse, repurpose, and upcycle existing improvements to create new from old.  We believe that buildings have souls.  Sometimes, the answer is not to scrape and build – but to preserve and improve – capturing the essence of what once was.

Check out some of our current and past mixed-use projects
  • The Suffolk Punch - Charlotte, NC
  • Durban Group HQ - Charlotte, NC
  • 229 W. Congress St. - Savannah, GA (Coming Soon)
  • 815-821 Main St. - Greenville, SC (Coming Soon)
  • 2833 Griffith St - Charlotte, NC
  • 2905 Griffith St - Charlotte, NC